Enabling organisations to deliver quality Net Zero buildings

by being their first choice when seeking expert support when improving the building stock as a response to climate change

Welcome To Sustenic

We are research & development Consultancy

We provide support to property, housing and health professionals in their journey to deliver high quality, safe, healthy buildings -both commercial and residential- whilst accelerating the drive to net zero carbon emissions.

Our Services

We focus on helping organisations understand their building stock through data collection, surveying, monitoring, management and analytics.

Government Support​

Providing insights and advice to government departments on Housing and Energy Efficiency policies for domestic and non domestic buildings

Methodology And Policy Development

Developing tools and methodologies to assess the performance of buildings. Supporting organisation with their Net Zero policies.​

International governments

Supporting international governments to implement energy efficiency policies.​

Domestic Retrofit advice

Helping clients to ensure quality and delivered savings throughout the retrofit process.​

Local Government Services

Delivering local area level housing data to support strategic planning and intelligent targeting of retrofit and improvement schemes. Visit our LGS site.

Bespoke consultancy

for housing surveys, data analytics and advice on energy-efficiency improvements

About Us

Our Mission

To accelerate the transition to Net Zero building emissions and eliminate fuel poverty while ensuring building quality and occupants’ health, safety and comfort

Our Vision

We aim to be the first choice for organisations seeking expert support when improving the building stock as a response to climate change

Purpose and USP

Sustenic Ltd is a housing and energy company (consultancy) specialising in providing services to support customers to deliver quality housing. We provide consultancy and/or bespoke products to support customers in this journey which includes achieving net zero carbon emissions and the following specific services:

  • Data gathering, matching, integration and management
  • Survey development & digital surveying
  • Data analytics/Data science/AI
  • Energy efficiency and carbon modelling, including SAP, BREDEM and SBEM
  • Housing stock modelling
  • Retrofit advice and quality assurance

Our Leadership Team

Each of our team of experts have worked in housing, energy efficiency, building & energy surveys and/or modelling for over 20 years. They have contributed to the development, implementation and maintenance of world leading assessment methodologies and survey techniques used by central and local government, social housing providers and private companies.

The company is based in the UK and can call on a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, building surveyors and engineers, computer engineers, social scientists and environmental health and sustainability professionals to deliver complex and challenging projects.

Matt Custard


Rob Flynn


Jose Ortiz


John Riley