Local Government Services

At Sustenic Local Government Services, we are making Housing Data more accessible for those striving to improve the housing stock in their local area.​

Our team of experts have worked in housing, energy efficiency, building and energy surveys and modelling for over 20 years. We understand that the requirements and funding streams for housing improvements are continually changing, as are the needs of residents. We have therefore designed a set of packages to assist Local Authorities in understanding the current stock for strategic planning to providing targeted address lists for funding schemes, and for varying budgets.  These are also adaptable to ensure they keep up with any changes in policy.​

Login/register to review your local area reports. Our Sustenic Open Data Reports are provided free to local government officers registered with us with a local government email address.

Sustenic Open Data Report

By registering with us, you will be provided with the latest Sustenic Open Data Report for your local area.  This contains up-to-date summary outputs from open-source housing data: Indices of DeprivationSub-regional Fuel Poverty StatisticsCensus 2021 Central Heating and EPCs.  The information is provided in useful and useable outputs, including maps, to help focus efforts when planning strategies, applying for funding or working on any other Local Government initiatives. The contents are free to use.

​The Sustenic Open Data Report for your area will be in the same format as the London Borough of Bexley example below, which we recently shared with them.​

Sustenic Stock Profiles

Knowing the baseline is a critical starting point to planning housing improvement works.  Whether you are looking at house conditions, mitigating HHSRS Category 1 hazards, reducing Fuel Poverty or retrofitting homes to reach net zero, knowing what the current position is enables effective strategic planning and costing of work needed to successfully implement work packages.​

The Sustenic Stock Profiles provide detailed insights into stock within a local area. There are several options designed to fit varying requirement and budgets:​

  • Profiling of the stock – providing small area estimates of the status of the dwelling age, type, tenure, energy efficiency and condition for the whole stock, including the 30% dwellings where there is no EPC data available
  • Dwelling level data profiling – using the Local Authority LLPG and OS data​ to provide the profiling stock summaries at dwelling level, allowing a wider range of planning and improvement scenario analysis.
  • Incorporating local data sources into dwelling level data – helping Local Authorities to make the most of local data available to them to further enhance their targeting of resources.  ​

A case study of our project for Craven District Council, focusing on the energy efficiency of their stock and the retrofit improvements required can be found below:

To find out more please contact us at lgs@sustenic.co.uk

Sustenic Housing Data Support

Recent funding for housing improvements, in particular energy efficiency improvements, have been released by Government which local authorities can bid for. Being able to mobilise teams within a local authority quickly is critical for a successful bid.

Following discussions with local authority officers, we have put together three Housing Data Support options to identify eligible properties and households, where individual dwelling level data is available, as well as identifying areas where higher levels of eligible properties and households are to help target resources into these areas.

The Housing Data Support information is updated as data sources are updated or released or when there are changes in eligibly criteria to ensure the most relevant information is included. See below for more details on the Sustenic Housing Data Support options.

To find out more please contact us at lgs@sustenic.co.uk