Our Services

We focus on helping organisations understand their building stock through data collection, surveying, monitoring, management and analytics. We aim to be the first choice for organisations seeking expert support when improving the building stock as a response to climate change.

Government Support

Providing insights and advice to government departments on Housing and Energy Efficiency policies for domestic and non domestic buildings.

Local Government Services

Delivering local area level housing data to support strategic planning and intelligent targeting of retrofit and improvement schemes.​ Visit our LGS site.

Bespoke Consultancy

For housing surveys, data analytics and advice on energy-efficiency improvements.

Methodology Development

Developing tools and methodologies to assess the performance of buildings. Supporting organisation with their Net Zero policies.​

International Governments

Using advanced analytical techniques to link and extract usable information from multiple datasets and sources.​

Domestic Retrofit Advice

Helping clients to ensure quality and delivered savings throughout the retrofit process.​

Our Specialisations

Assuring Quality​

Ensuring that quality of housing stock retrofit is maintained throughout the process from pre-assessment through to post-completion monitoring.


Helping clients to understand what is required to improve their housing stock to address the climate emergency without unintended consequences.

RoadMaps to Net Zero​

Setting out key milestones for the journey to net zero. Taking account of the complexities and condition of building stock, range of improvement measures and availability of resources.

Performance gap reduction​

Supporting building stakeholders to identify the main causes for the Performance Gap in their building stock and to undertake, without unintended consequences, all relevant measures to ensure our buildings function as designed.

Development of products

Identifying unmet requirements for our clients and rapidly developing user centred tools to address those needs.

Stock Segmentation

Our unparalleled understanding and experience working with housing stock data have taught us how to break down stocks into meaningful segments that can inform policy and its implementation.

We deliver our Services with:

Detailed Planning​​

Utilising available data, new data and data analytics to make evidence based decisions. Deriving baseline information to inform the journey to net zero.

High Quality and On Time​

Delivering peer reviewed quality work on time and maintaining focus on the key objectives of projects.

Stakeholders Engagement​

Working closely with stakeholders to ensure desired outcomes are achieved. Measuring and monitoring performance against baselines.

Agile Working Approach

Responsive to customer needs. Working flexibly together to achieve desired outcomes.

End-to-end consultancy to deliver Net Zero Buildings​

Right first time resilient Roadmaps for Net Zero