Sustenic supporting the development of SAP 11

Sustenic are delighted to be directly supporting Building Research Establishment (BRE) in a project for BEIS to modernise the home energy rating scheme in time for the future home standard. 
Sustenic is providing direct support to BRE to develop the new methodology to better measure the energy performance of UK homes
The new methodology – ‘SAP 11’ – will be more suited to technologies designed to decarbonise homes, such as heat pumps, renewables and smart technologies.
SAP 11 is due to be ready in time for the Future Homes Standard, an initiative that will see homes built from 2025 fitted with low-carbon heating.
Sustenic is providing direct support in methodology development and data collection activities throughout the 3 year project which will create a new version, better suited to modern and dynamic technologies needed to decarbonise the UK’s housing stock.

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