Sustenic Takes Part in the Let Zero Project: Driving Energy Efficiency in the Private Rented Sector

Sustenic is proud to announce our involvement in the Let Zero project, an effort aimed at boosting energy efficiency in private rented homes. This project, which emerged from collaborative efforts, including last year’s participation in the Design Engineering Innovation Lab, was officially announced by Innovate UK at Futurebuild today.

Our Contribution

In this project, Sustenic will use its data analytics capabilities to evaluate the domestic building stock in South Yorkshire, determining the most suitable energy efficiency measures for retrofitting. This work is crucial for achieving the project’s objectives to reduce energy consumption and fuel poverty, tackle issues like dampness, and lower carbon emissions within rental properties.

The Need for Action

Upgrading energy efficiency in rental properties is often challenging. Let Zero seeks to address this by providing landlords with a clear, AI-supported pathway for making necessary improvements, particularly targeting properties in need of urgent retrofitting. Our analysis and insights will guide these upgrades, ensuring they’re both effective and considerate of tenant needs.

Project Overview

Funded by Innovate UK with £2.4 million, the 18-month Let Zero project was unveiled at Futurebuild as a model for what collaborative, innovative thinking can achieve. Working alongside SYMCA, BRE, academic institutions, and SMEs, we aim to pilot a scalable, comprehensive retrofitting solution in South Yorkshire, with aspirations to extend nationally.

Moving Forward with Purpose

As we move forward with the Let Zero project, our commitment is to provide practical data insights that help facilitate significant improvements in properties. Our efforts are aimed at creating a sustainable impact on the housing market, improving the quality of life for tenants, and providing landlords with the tools and knowledge they need for energy-efficient property management.

Through collaborative innovation and a commitment to sustainability, Sustenic is supporting the transformation of the private rented sector, making energy-efficient living a standard for the future.