Understanding the Home Energy Model: Insights from Sustenic

The UK’s transition to the Home Energy Model (HEM) marks a significant shift in assessing the energy performance of dwellings. This new model, replacing the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), brings a more dynamic and detailed approach to energy efficiency evaluation, operating on a sub-hourly basis rather than SAP’s monthly calculations. This transition to the Home Energy Model, while a progressive step, might pose certain challenges for stakeholders in the construction and energy sectors, such as increased runtime for calculations and exploration of alternative scenarios, the need to adapt to additional input parameters, and familiarising with a different user interface.
The consultation response period is quickly drawing to a close, highlighting the immediate necessity for stakeholders to acquaint themselves with the methodology and provide their feedback to the government promptly.

How Sustenic Can Help

As the 6th March deadline rapidly approaches, grasping the full impact of the Home Energy Model (HEM) becomes crucial. At Sustenic, we are ideally positioned to help you navigate these complexities. Our bespoke consultancy service is dedicated to guiding stakeholders through this urgent transition, ensuring they comprehend the impact of the new standards on their business within this critical timeframe. 

Our Consultancy Services: 

  • In-Depth HEM Methodology Understanding: We  have a detailed knowledge of HEM’s core calculations and methodologies, providing comprehensive explanations that help stakeholders understand the nuances and implications for their business. 
  • Customised Scenario Analysis: Leveraging our expertise, we conduct tailored scenario analyses across various dwelling typologies and technologies, offering specific insights on how HEM will influence your projects and business strategies. 
  • Advanced HEM Operational Support: Recognising the formative stage of HEM, we provide a suite of operational services designed to maximise your readiness:
    Comprehensive Calculation and Results Analysis: We run full HEM calculations on your behalf and provide detailed results, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the potential impacts. 
    HEM Input File Creation and Management: Our team can create and manage HEM input files for you. 
    HEM Setup and Training: We offer services to set up the HEM engine on your own systems, complemented by a training course to equip your team with the necessary skills for independent operation.
    SAP to HEM Conversion Support: For those transitioning from SAP, we assist in converting existing SAP input files into HEM-compatible formats, streamlining the changeover process. 

Why Choose Sustenic? 

Sustenic stands at the forefront of the Home Energy Model (HEM) evolution. Our involvement in HEM’s development and extensive hands-on experience with its application sets us apart. Our team’s distinguished history in domestic policy modelling, including having led the development of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), positions us uniquely to interpret and leverage HEM for your benefit. We excel in analysing and elucidating the impact of HEM on a wide array of products, technologies, construction systems, and housing developments, ensuring that our clients receive the most informed and strategic guidance available. 

Get Prepared for HEM 

The shift to HEM is an opportunity for leadership in energy efficiency. Partner with Sustenic to turn this regulatory transition into a competitive advantage. Contact us to position your business at the forefront of the HEM evolution.

Contact us: hemconsultation@sustenic.co.uk